In March 2020, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff. Here we want to highlight the best DIY ideas and the most helpful how to articles among them. We’ve gathered the coolest ideas to hack IKEA items to make a home bar or to hack existing bar carts by IKEA. 25 Cool IKEA Home Bar Hacks You’ll Like Here we’ve took a look at cool ways to hack IKEA dressers and turn them into something new. 25 Best IKEA Dresser Hacks To Try Right Now Here are cool IKEA nightstands – their hacks and various IKEA items turned into stylish nightstands, get inspired! 25 IKEA Nightstand Hacks You Need To Try Here are IKEA Nesna and Bissa hacks and ways to renovate them, take a look! 22 Best IKEA Nesna And Bissa Hacks To Try

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