7 Ways to Use Your Camera in Witchcraft

Whether you go old school with a film camera or you just use the one on your smartphone, take advantage of whatever you have and try using it in witchcraft.

From paranormal investigations to aura photography and spell craft, your camera offers a variety of ways to incorporate photography into your Craft.

While some of these techniques require an SLR, many work with almost any camera, including the one your iPhone.

Focus Photography for Spells

Use your camera to photograph the focus of your spell.

For example, if you plan to work an attraction spell on yourself, create a flattering self-portrait to use on the altar or in a spell box.

Or, take a picture of your dog and leave it on the altar if you plan to try animal familiar bonding.

This type of spell photography works better if you take into consideration all the components of your composition.  Try including props or a background that compliment your spell objective.

Paranormal Investigations

Nearly all paranormal investigations involve the taking of photographs.  

Try experimenting with this idea by going to a place in your town reputed for spirit activity or high spiritual vibrations.

These techniques require patience and hours of carefully studying the images you capture, but a good result is infinitely rewarding!

Aura Photography

Personally, I’m not really into this idea myself.  But I’m including it here because some people love it.

Aura photography is the presumed art of capturing someone’s aura in a photograph.

Generally, this one does require a higher end camera and some special equipment.

However, if you get good at it, there is a small market for professional photographers who know how to do it.

Herbalism & Foraging

If you forage for spell items or you use local items for your herbalism practice, a camera is the easiest way to record plants you find on your nature walks.

There are even some apps (like Plantsnap) that help to identify plants and flowers.  Be warned, this type of technology remains underdeveloped and not totally reliable, but definitely useful for further research.

At the very least, it helps to keep records of plants for further research and remember where you found them.

Elemental Project

Connect with the elements by going out and photographing an item from each one.

A bonfire (Element of Fire), the creek behind your house (Element of Water), new spring growth (Element of Earth).  

Wondering how to photograph the Element of Air?  Be creative!  Try photographing the clouds, the wind blowing around your friend’s hair or windmills.

Get it all done in one day or let it evolve over weeks.  Either approach is fun and challenging.

Vision Boarding

If you never tried a vision board, it’s a great way to start a new season, new year or on your birthday.

Basically, you put aspirational images into a collage.  The idea is that by doing this, you bring your goals into focus and they tend to manifest.

When someone first told me about these, my first thought was, “Gee, that sounds a lot like witchcraft.”

So next time you’re out and you see something you want in your life, take a picture and add it to your vision board.


Scrying is the practice of looking at something in a meditative way in order to induce visions or insight.

For example, when a fortune teller looks into a crystal ball, she is scrying.

Try incorporating your photography in your scrying practice.

For example, use your camera to capture cloud formations.  Print the photos and then look at the shapes in the clouds in a quiet, secluded place and allow your eyes to lose focus. 

What do you see?

You can use this technique with almost any scrying medium, including reflections in  glass, tea leaves, ect.  

Of course, the real deal always beats a picture.  However, there is one advantage to using photography is the ability to reflect on an image longer.  Tape the picture to your dresser mirror or leave it somewhere that catches your eye often. 

See if your understanding of the image evolves over time.

Blessed be.

How to use your camera in spirit work.  9 Ideas for blending the art of witchcraft and photography.

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