Are you looking for fun activities for parents and teens to do together?

Summer is a great time to reconnect to your teen. But many parents wrongly assume that teens would rather spend time doing just about anything else than hanging with their parents. Not true! They may act like that, but in reality they a probably eager to spend quality time together or re-establish a relationship if you have drifted apart. Here are some ideas on how to make your time together memorable. You might even want to combine a few together in one day.
Fun Activities for Parents and Teens to Do Together Movie night
Either in or out, movies are a great way to spend time together. Let your teen do the choosing: you might be surprised that you actually like their selection! Or rent some movies and each of you can pick your favorites. Your teen might surprise you by actually liking that old musical you’ve seen fifty times.
Make-a-pizza night
Everyone likes to eat, adults and teens included! Shop together for ingredients, and make your dough from scratch. Step outside your comfort zone and indulge, even if your teen wants to try some strange combinations.
Game night
You may think that anything but video games would be boring to teens, but you’d be surprised. Dust off those old board games and challenge your teen to a round of one of your favorites. Card games are also often a big hit. It will give you the chance to talk while having fun.
A long-term project that will have you reaping the rewards of your hard work for months to come. Maybe you want to select some rose bushes for the side of your house, or even start a vegetable garden. Involve your teen in every part of the process, including the decision-making. Not only are you teaching teamwork, but you’re also modeling how to delay gratification.
Scrap booking
Pull down that box of family photos and get to work. If your teen is creative, this could be the perfect activity. Basic scrapbooking supplies can be found inexpensively at most craft stores, and you don’t need much to get started. This can be a great opportunity to talk about family history, and for your teen to ask questions about her heritage.
Home improvement projects
Have a room that needs painting or wallpapering? How about an old dresser you found at a flea market that you’d like to refinish? Teens who are creative and enjoy working with their hands might really enjoy such a project.
Staying in shape
Take a class together at the Y, join a softball team, or start walking every night after dinner. You’ll enjoy the time together and reap the health benefits from exercise as well. You might even start a positive new habit that you can enjoy together long after summer is over!

With a little creativity, you can make this summer a memorable one for you and your teen!

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