Basic Principles of Elegant Small House Design

Decorating small spaces can be quite challenging especially if you’re looking to create a home that is not just practical but elegant as well. Making your tiny home comfortable, cosy and sophisticated at the same time doesn’t have to be frustrating if you’re armed with creative ideas how to avoid clutter but still manage to find room for all your knick-knacks.

Fortunately, in today's market, there are many great storage solutions and organisational ideas that can help you maximize your home's potential and get the best out of a small space. Here are several clever ways how to succeed in designing an elegant small home.
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The most important rule of small spaces is de-cluttering. The real problem isn't the small space but the amount of stuff you have. If you can train yourself to resist shopping at every sale you see and manage to pass the mental block created by fear of throwing things away, you'll be on the right path to freedom from possession! 

Start by gathering all the things you have in your kitchen – all the appliances, gadgets, cups, plates and utensils, and get rid of the items you never use and the ones whose job can be done by another item. Lose everything that is broken and worn and apply the same rules in your bathroom, bedroom, children’s room and your wardrobe. 

If there’s anything that’s still in good shape, consider selling it online or in a garage sale, or donate it to charity.
Maximize storage
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Every home hides some hidden potential when it comes to storage and all you need to do is recognize it and maximize it. You can opt for bespoke built-ins for a classy look or be more practical and use storage nooks, the space under the stairs and furniture with storage under the seats. 

Even your existing closets can be upgraded to free more space in the room. For instance, put in extra shelving on the back wall as high as you can go for things you only use seasonally, put a few extra cube units for storing kids’ toys and even fit in a small dresser under the hanging clothes. 

You can also consider going vertical and exploiting the usually under-utilized space between the top of your furniture and the ceiling – extend your cabinets and bookshelves all the way up as it will give more vertical dimension to the room and make the room appear higher.
Use space-saving ideas
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Space-saving ideas can do wonders in small homes and allow you to enjoy the same quality of life as if you lived in a mansion. It all comes down to ingenious ideas that can be easily incorporated in a restricted space. You can have the home office you always wanted by installing a wall-mounted desk that can be folded up when not in use and with mounted shelves above it, you’ll have all the storage you need for your work-related documents and books.

By removing your traditional doors, you’ll add more space as it will eliminate the visual and physical obstacle. The best replacement is installing sliding barn doors that have the ability to transform the way your room looks and they can easily be implemented equally well in bedrooms, living rooms, laundry, pantry and bathroom. They don’t require extra space as swinging doors do but they do provide the necessary privacy.
Create zones
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Creating zones in a small space can help give the room more definition and make it easier for you to stay organised. A small space shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life in it and even entertaining larger crowds of friends.

For instance, in a studio apartment, you can define your space sleeping area from the living space better by installing a Crittall partition that will make a room eclectic when combined with edgy wall art and mid-century furniture. You may also opt for a curtain partition that is cheaper and easier to move but it also adds a different layer of texture.

For a smaller home where the living space in one larger room, use the furniture arrangement to divide it into a dining room area, TV and lounge area, a home office with a secretary desk and a play area for your kids. You’ll need to mind the clutter but the perk is that you’ll be spending more time together with your family rather than being scattered in different rooms. 

Living in a small space can be challenging but with some imagination and the right ideas, you can make the most out of your tiny space. Hopefully, the practical tips listed here will be easy to implement and with a splash of your creativity and resourcefulness, clever storage solutions and space-saving ideas , you’ll have a home of your dreams in a matter of hours.