Did anyone notice I didn’t blog last week?

Okay, good.

Here’s what I’ve been up to.


I packed up my closet AS IF I WAS MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION.

But I’m not. I’m not moving. And neither is Steve. But Steve did say we might as well be moving for all the work we’re doing. He sort of said it in his Grumpy Bear voice which made me roll my eyes and possibly stick my tongue out at him behind his back, but that’s neither here nor there. When you’ve been married for twenty-two years, that is acceptable behavior and is nothing to worry about.

We are *FINALLY* getting the interior of our house painted, including the closet in our bedroom which is why we had to pack it all up.

We have been in our house for 20 years if you can believe that. I can’t so I don’t know why you would, either.

Years and years ago, Steve put in all the Closet Maid type cabinets and stuff so besides packing up all the clothes and shoes and old birthday cards and a bag of sunscreen from a trip we took at least five years ago, he had to dismantle all of the Closet Maid stuff, as well.

By the way . . . just to warn you . . . when you pack up your closet and you come across old birthday cards and anniversary cards and love notes and receipts and whatever else is in this box you forgot you had, packing up a closet can take a big chunk out of your day.

Just letting you know.

The other thing I need to warn you about is that when your dresser is upstairs where you keep your jeans and pants, but your shirts, dresses, cardigans, shoes, and delicate under-things are in the dismantled Closet Maid drawers and cabinets and what-not downstairs in the garage . . . well, you’ve got pants or jeans to put on when you get out of the shower, but nothing else. Don’t ask me how many times I went into the empty closet to get my underwear. Apparently, I’m a slow learner.
There’s no underwear in there. Stop looking. And aren’t I cute with that little duster thing? We found that when we were packing. Apparently, I meant to use it sometime over the last 20 years.

I left the rest of the packing up (knick knacks, pictures off the walls, this, that, the other) and went to the movies with my mom over the weekend! We saw Downton Abbey! We ate popcorn, Milk Duds, Hot Tamales, and Good and Plenty’s for lunch and had the BEST TIME. It was a GREAT movie and I felt all the feels. Plus – I love quality time with my mom.

That’s why I didn’t blog last weekend. Just so you know.


We packed up the upstairs because the painters told us they would start upstairs.

And then when I came home after school on Monday, I walked into this which is our DOWNSTAIRS area:
Excuse me? Where am I supposed to sit and eat my chips and watch Bachelor in Paradise before Steve gets home? I MEAN WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?
Steve was a VERY GRUMPY BEAR when I called him. Mainly because somewhere under all of that plastic is his iPad and the remote control to the one TV NOT packed up.

Oh, and somewhere else under all that plastic is our own bubble wrap, packing material, and flat boxes (which we still needed to put together) to pack up the DOWNSTAIRS.

They packed up our packing stuff.


I mean, that’s hysterical, if you ask me.

I had piles of little knick knacks, picture frames, etc that I was going to pack that night . . . but it was just all under plastic. And the plastic was taped to the floor which was covered with plastic and brown kraft paper and tape.

I mean . . . I kind of felt like I was in a crime scene and whether that’s because I’ve been listening to the Crime Junkie podcast entirely too much or because I have a wild imagination, I’m not telling.



So then . . . we moved out.


It’s only temporary, but we threw a bunch of stuff into suitcases and went to a Residence Inn. Plus, they take dogs! During the day, Miss Murphie went to day care, and then she spent the evenings/nights with us. She was super popular at the hotel.

Now we are in Havasu with our friends and staying at their house. We are hoping and praying that we when head home on Sunday, our house will be almost finished, or at least enough so that we can LIVE IN IT.

So there you go.

That’s a little bit of Life Lately.

And, just so you don’t think we’re all hoity toity and uppity, and can’t do things ourselves, such as PAINT our own walls, I would like to tell you that for the first ten years of living in our house, we painted ALL THE TIME ALL BY OURSELVES. At one point, we had a green family room. I don’t know what we were thinking, but we hated it as we were rolling it onto the walls, but we kept going because we are not quitters. The following weekend, we painted over it.

We painted the upstairs guest bathroom at least five different times, and one of those times I sponge painted flowers on top of it.


Gross, but cute!

One time, I came home from a day out with the girls to a RED WALL in our dining room. Steve thought he would “surprise” me.

I’m telling you – we painted and painted and fixed and painted and painted for ten years straight. I was mostly the tape girl, masking off all of the baseboards and stuff, but I also did a lot of the nitty gritty trim work which requires a detailed person. I don’t know if that’s necessarily me, but it’s definitely not Steve.

Then for the last ten years, we got tired of painting. Who wants to paint when you’re getting older and tired-er and you just want to sit on the couch and not go anywhere or do anything?

Not me! Not Steve!

I had to talk Steve into the professional painters because he told me he could do it himself.

He’s handy. He CAN do most things himself. You might remember he pretty much did everything in my office as a little “present” for me. But he really doesn’t have the time anymore, and I’d like to spend time with him on the weekends, so here we are.

Living out of a suitcase.

Just waiting to go home.

Because, you guys, I want to go home.


Stay tuned and hopefully I can share some before and after pics soon!

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