Diwali, one of the biggest and most elaborate Hindu festival, is indeed a very exciting time for most Indians

It is also, however, an exceptionally busy time for us women… especially the run-up to Diwali. Here are some cleaning tips that will make this time less stressful for you.

Diwali is one of the most loved and favourite festivals of a majority of children and adults in India. Everything looks bright, colourful, and brand new on Diwali.

While we may be okay living a bit like a slob on a daily basis and may postpone a few of our chores owing to the fatigue of a fast-paced life, we all want our house to be absolutely clean, as we gear up for some major Diwali-socialising. After all, Diwali is the time when Goddess Lakshmi graces every house with her presence – and how can she ever be welcomed into an untidy, unclean house? Cleaning your house before Diwali can also have a therapeutic effect of getting rid of old vibes and welcoming new, positive vibes into the house!

However, this pre-Diwali cleaning spree can be an overwhelming thought for most of us! So what do you do? Easy – keep calm and read on!
Pre-Diwali Cleaning Supplies
 It is best to start pre-Diwali cleaning at least 2 weeks before Diwali. That way you can space out every individual chore at ease and convenience. Before you commence, however, make sure you have the following supplies ready!
Disinfectant Baking soda White vinegar Apple cider vinegar Lemon Scrubs, brushes, cloth wipes Garbage bags Microfiber cloth (for glass) Fabric softener Stain-remover 9 Simple Pre-Diwali Cleaning Hacks
Diwali is a busy time for all women – from cleaning the house to preparing snacks, to getting back in shape and going to the parlour, we are all pressed for time! Surely you cannot cut down on the time required for some of these tasks, but cleaning can definitely be made easier and more efficient.

Here are some really easy and simple Diwali cleaning hacks everyone must try!
1. White Vinegar for Glass

One of the first things you will clean as part of Diwali house cleaning is your windows. The best way to clean glass is using white vinegar. Spray it on the glass, leave for 5 minutes, and then wipe clean in one stroke using a soft cloth – preferably a microfiber cloth – for best results.
2. Lemon Juice for Your Microwave

Lemons are an amazing way to clean anything, because of their acidic content. Squeeze half a lemon in about 20ml water. Mix well. Boil this water in the microwave on high power. Let it sit for about 10 minutes or so. The moisture will settle evenly inside your microwave. Now take a soft cloth, or tissue papers, and wipe all inner surfaces clean. You can even add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the mixture for improved results.
3. Pillowcase for Ceiling Fans
While many houses have air conditioning these days, the cooler parts of India still use ceiling fans, and other families may have a combination of both. The best way to clean the blades of a ceiling fan is to use an old pillowcase. Put the pillowcase onto the blade (like you would put it on a pillow), and wipe the blade as you remove the case. This way, all the dirt and grime gets collected in the pillowcase instead of falling right onto your face.
4. Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon for Hard-Water Stains

Hard-water is now very common, and while we can order a water-tanker of soft water for bathing, we still need to use hard water for general purposes like washing utensils. Hard water leaves very typical chalky stains on surfaces. The best way to get rid of these – from taps, utensils, buckets, etc. – is to spray the surface with an equal parts mixture of apple cider vinegar and lemon. Leave for 15 minutes, and then wipe clean. Rinse if required.
5. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide for Grout (Between Tiles)

Bathroom tiles and tiles in the kitchen are the stuff of every woman’s nightmares. The grout between the tiles often collects slime, grime, oil, and all sorts of sticky things that get lodged so deep, they are almost impossible to get rid of. So, what do you do? Simple: take about a tablespoon of baking soda, and pour some hydrogen peroxide in it to get the consistency of toothpaste. Take an old tooth-brush or a cleaning brush, dip it in, and scrub at the lines between your tiles. The grout will clear up in no time!
6. Baking Soda and Dish Soap for Bathroom Fittings

Those beautiful white marble or ceramic bathroom fittings in your home collect more dirt and germs than you can imagine. One way to keep the WC and washbasin clean is to use baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda on the WC and wash basin (you can use a sieve to do this), take a drop of dish wash on the scrub, and them scrub the surfaces clean. You will be amazed to see the stubborn stains give way with very little effort.
7. Change All Linen

Curtains often remain neglected because they do not come in the way of our daily chores. The best idea would be to have at least 2 different sets of curtains for the entire house and to change them just before Diwali so you have new, clean, fresh curtains on the walls. However, if you do not have a spare set, worry not. Do not remove all curtains in one go; wash them room-wise, turn by turn. Also remember to change bedsheets, bed-covers, pillowcases, cushion covers, napkins and kitchen towels. Use a stain remover and a fabric softener during and after washing respectively.
8. Clean the Mattresses Mattresses also need a good cleaning once in a while. You may vacuum it to get rid of dust over it, but only vacuuming may not be the solution. So, this Diwali, clean your mattresses with baking soda and vinegar. Take vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it all over the mattress. Then, sprinkle some baking soda all over and leave it for a couple of hours. Then, either brush it off carefully, or vacuum it. This hack also helps get rid of dust mites and odours.
9. Use Disinfectant Lavishly

This is a good tip to remember even for post-Diwali cleaning up. As a final step of all the above tips, use a mild solution of a good disinfectant and wipe all surfaces clean. However, make sure you exercise caution while cleaning electrical appliances.
Less is More – Decluttering for Diwali
An important act in the process of Diwali home cleaning is throwing things away. However, most of us are so focused on getting things ‘clean’ that we completely ignore this step. And so, somewhere in the middle of putting things back in place after you are done cleaning them, we have a meltdown and can’t take it anymore! If this has happened to you too, why not try a new approach this Diwali?
1. Throw Expired Medicines, Make-Up, and Kitchen Products Away
One way to quickly create space in the kitchen, your dresser, and the bathroom, is to clean the shelves and get rid of all expired items. This includes foodstuffs, ingredients, make-up, and medicines. Check the expiry dates on each of these items and throw away whatever has crossed this date.

Since we don’t always use all of these things, we tend to hold onto them. They occupy spaces in our house, and continue to do so because we have already forgotten we even have them! Collect all these items (which is why you need bin-bags) and throw them out without another thought.
2. Declutter Your Wardrobe
This is not exactly a ‘cleaning hack’, but it should be a very important part of your pre-Diwali ritual. Diwali means a lot of different things to people, but one thing we are all excited about when Diwali approaches is shopping! However, the first step to buying new clothes should be discarding old clothes. Otherwise, we just keep on accumulating more clothes than we know what to do with!

First, allocate a space in your room to do all the sorting. Start by going through all your clothes, and retaining only those clothes that make you happy. That might seem like an unusual ‘filter’ to use, but just ask yourself this: how many times have you held onto clothes thinking you’ll lose weight, alter them, get them repaired, and then never ever touched them again? We are all guilty of doing this! So why not just give them away to charity? It will be a round of good karma, as well as a good decluttering exercise, AND one more reason to shop.
3. Charity for Gifts
Diwali means a lot of get-togethers, lots of sweets and snacks, and of course lots of gifts. Every single year, you get gifts from your friends, relatives, even your employer. While we do not mean to dishonour the sentiment, we can all agree that many a time these gifts are unwanted, and simply get added to the pile of things we don’t know what to do with. Some gifts even get repeated – so you have 2 dessert bowl sets, 4 wall-clocks, and God only knows how many packets of dry fruits and mithai!

So why not give it away to charity?

can start bypassing some of these on to people around you: your maid, the watchman, the milkman, the paper-wala, and other such people. Be sure to also add something from your own ‘pocket’ to these hampers – even a box of sweets can do, or some baksheesh-money. If you still have pricey items left, consider donating them to a nearby old-age home or charity.

After you go through all the above steps, only one final task remains to be done – decorating the house! This is the easiest and most joyful task to indulge in any festive season. One pro-tip we can give here is: do not use any decorations that involve ‘pasting’ (they will damage your walls) or drilling (they will leave ugly holes in surfaces when you remove them). Use simple to install decorations.

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