Do you currently find yourself at home looking for some inspiration on things to try out? Or perhaps you are planning an exciting staycation this coming weekend? Maybe you are simply sitting at home, bored out of your mind, looking for some easy...

Whichever boat you’re in, I have got you covered! This list of 105 at home activities is filled with brilliant ideas that will keep you busy all day (or week) long!

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Before we dive in, I want to challenge you to create an actual list of activities for you to do. You can easily get started by grabbing this great freebie (below). Just fill out your information and I’ll send a seasonal bucket list straight to your inbox! Then, go ahead and print that thing out, flip it over, and start an additional list from ideas you find on this post! By the time you’re done reading, you will have a huge list of awesome ideas you can check off today, this weekend, next week, or whenever!

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105 Fantastic Home Activities to Try Out
Now that you have your freebie in hand and are ready to start creating a fantastic additional list of things to do, let’s dive right in! First up, games!
Fun Games to Try Out
Let’s start this list with some amazingly fun activities… games!
Play a classic board game: Gather up everyone in your home for a fun day filled with a fun, classic board game. Some of my favorites are Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess. You can even get the phone apps to play digitally! Bust out a new, complex board game: I’ve got to admit, board games are getting more and more unique, complex and… FUN! In fact, every weekend, I get together with a group of friends to have an evening of fun with some surprisingly fantastic games! Some of our favorites include: Pandemic Betrayal at House on the Hill Azul Terraforming Mars Mysterium Ticket to Ride 7 Wonders Carcassone Evolution Hang out with yourself with a fun, single-player board game: If you find yourself home alone, there are some great single-player board games as well! I know it might sound strange but some of them are really fun! Some of my favorite games with single-player options include Terraforming Mars and Scythe. Grab a deck of cards and play some pinnacle, gin rummy, or solitaire: Most people have a simple deck of cards lying around, why not make use of it? Play a unique card game: There are a TON of great card games you can find online. Some of my absolute favorites are: Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens, What Do You Meme, and Arkham Horror the Card Game. Turn up the music and play some computer or video games: Happen to have a gaming console? Perhaps you can spend a day with some awesome video games! Organize a group game: Happen to be stuck at home with a large group of people? Organize a fun, group game! My favorite is Fish Bowl. Try out a new outdoor yard game: If the weather is nice, why not get outside and play some yard games? My family loves playing croquet, but I have heard that Yardzee and giant toppling tower is super fun! Sit on a cozy couch with a brain-teasing game: Sudoku and crossword puzzles can occupy your brain for quite some time. You can even grab this amazing looking Criminal Mind Detective Puzzle Book! Relaxing at Home Activities
Next, let’s cover some easy, relaxing activities. We all need to take some time for ourselves sometimes… right?
Start a journal: There are countless benefits for starting a journal (such as stress relief, increasing memory, self reflection…) and now is the perfect time to start! This is my absolute favorite journal right now, it allows for the perfect combination of organization and creativity. Create a fun scrapbook: Another great way to organize your memories is to create a scrapbook. I’ve created a complete guide on how I personally scrapbook to help inspire you! Read as many books as possible: Reading is perhaps my favorite thing to do when I’m bored. I love switching between an entertaining fiction book and educational non-fiction book. Check out my favorite non-fiction books or current book list to help you create a new reading list! Find your next book by checking out my latest book lists! Meditate: Calm your mind by meditation. You can easily find some great guided mediation apps and videos online to help you get started. My favorite is, by far, Headspace. Light a candle and sip on a hot beverage: There is just something super relaxing about lighting a candle and sipping on a hot beverage in a quiet room. Take a long nap: Need to catch up on some sleep? Grab a cozy blanket and take a nice long nap. Take a hot bath: A hot bath is the perfect way to relax after a hectic week. Have a digital detox day: Social media, news outlets, and constant updates can be incredibly draining. Try to challenge yourself by taking a long, digital detox day. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for: Starting a gratitude journal (how cute is this one?!) can be such a life changing experience. Why not start now? Create a new self-care routine: Finally, try to take some time to create a fun self-care routine you can look forward to. Some ideas might include items already on this list or other stress management techniques to help you relax after a long week. Related: 24 Amazing Stress Management Techniques to Try Right Now! Healthy Activities
Next, let’s talk about some great healthy-lifestyle activities you can try!
Make a new workout routine… and follow it!: Switching up your workout routine can be such a great motivational tool! Complete a fun at-home workout: There are hundreds of great at-home workout videos you can find online. My favorites are from Whitney Simmons! Practice yoga on your porch: Pull out your yoga mat and spend some time outside for a bit. Create a healthy new diet plan: Another great healthy tip is to mix up your meal plan. Pull out a sheet of paper and list your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week and challenge yourself to make one healthy alternative. Try a new healthy recipe: Speaking of food, why not head to the kitchen to cook yourself a new healthy recipe? Make yourself a healthy smoothie: Not super hungry? Maybe you can try out a new smoothie recipe, go wild! This smoothie recipe book is completely filled to the brim with AMAZING smoothie recipes! Start a fitness challenge: Need a bit more motivation? Test out a new fitness challenge! Try meal prepping (and see how it changes your life!): Meal prepping is by far my favorite healthy, money-saving, and time-saving tip. I do it twice a week, which makes it SO EASY to continuously eat healthy and good food. Try it out! Go for a nice long walk: Perhaps you want to relax and do something good for your body? Head outside for a nice long walk. Turn up the music and dance: Or maybe you need a bit of a pick me up? Blast your favorite tunes (I LOVE Amazon Music!) and dance! Related: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating on a Budget Productive Home Activities Write up a realistic, yet challenging new set of goals: Goal setting can be incredibly life changing! They help you create more purpose to your life and help motivate you to go after life’s greatest challenges. Check out my ultimate guide to goal setting to get started! Create a vision board: Another great motivational tool is to create a vision board! As an added bonus, this is not only productive, but super fun as well! Here is my guide to creating the perfect vision board. Clean out your email inbox: I don’t know about you, but my email inbox is always piling up. Why not clean it out while you have some time on your hands? Purge and organize your computer files: This is another tasks I never get to, but often should! Clean out your phone photos and old apps: I just cleaned out my old photos and apps from my phone a few weeks ago and have SO MUCH more storage now! Complete 3 tasks you’ve been putting off: Take some time out of your day to hammer out some tasks you’ve been putting off. You’ll feel amazing afterwards! Plan next week and/or month: Get organized for the upcoming week or month by taking some time to plan. Create new and improved morning and night routines, then test them out: Morning and night routines can help increase your productivity each day. However, sometimes they can get dull. Why not change things up by writing out some new routines and testing them out? Master the art of productivity with audiobooks: One of my number one productivity hacks is listening to audiobooks while I drive, clean, and workout. Such an easy way to successfully multitask! I personally use Audible and absolutely LOVE it!! Get some car maintenance done: Now is also a great time to go change your oil, rotate your tires, or clean out your car. You can easily listen to an audiobook while you do it too! Update your resume and LinkedIn account: Take a quick moment to update your resume and LinkedIn account, you never know when you’ll need it! Create a motivational bucket list: A great motivational tool is creating a realistic yet motivational bucket list. Here is my ultimate guide to doing just that! Organize your paperwork and create an organized file system: Sift through your paperwork piles and organize them into a file folder system. I love using this hanging color coded system! Create an impressive portfolio: You can also use this time to create a fabulous portfolio to help you nail your next interview! Related: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity: 54 Life-Changing Tips to Smash Your To Do List Money-Making Activities
Well, if you have some time on your hands, might as well try to make some money. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!
Start a money-making blog: By far my favorite way to make money online is by running a blog. It is SO. MUCH. FUN. I love the process of creating content, and making money from it is just icing on the cake! As a bonus, starting a blog is a super simple process. Check out this free 5-day start a money making blog class to get started! It is the exact class I took and swear by it! Start an Etsy shop: Another super fun way to make money online is by creating your very own Etsy shop! This is a great way to sell your craft projects or hobby items. Start yours with some free listings today! Get into investing and day-trading: It is shocking to me just how simple and easy you can begin investing your spare money. There are even some phone apps that help you get started! Become an online freelancer: There are a ton of great websites you can join to become a freelance copywriter, editor, designer… the list goes on and on! Write a book… and sell it: Have you been wanting to write a book? Why not actually do it! Start a YouTube channel: Another fun way to make some cash is to create a YouTube channel! Sell gently used items or up-cycle some old furniture: Finally, why not take some time to clean out your closets and sell some old stuff you never use anymore? You could even make a craft project out of some old furniture and make a larger profit! Start your free 5 day money making blog class to skyrocket your income! Money-Saving Activities
In addition to making money, you can spend some time saving money as well! They are two sides of the same coin really…
Learn how to successfully coupon: Couponing is by far my favorite way to save money. I can’t tell you how many hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars I’ve saved with my simple couponing method. HERE is a fantastic book that tells you the secrets to saving with coupons. Research and implement money-saving strategies: Because everyone lives such unique lives, there is really no one-size-fits-all money-saving strategy. So, spend some time researching tips that apply to your life! Learn how to budget: Okay, I know I did say there is no “one-size-fits-all-money-saving strategy” just now… but if there was… it would be creating a budget! I absolutely swear by budgeting my money. It is the real difference between money controlling your life and you controlling your money and life. Here is my ultimate guide on how to budget… it is a great starting point! Plus, it includes a freebie to get you started! Start a savings challenge: My last money-saving at-home activity is to start a money savings challenge! These are great to help you save up for the holidays throughout the year, or help you save for a fun purchase you’ve been dreaming about. Related: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Foolproof Budget (+Free Budget Printable!) At-Home Educational Activities
Another incredibly productive way you can be spending your time is by boosting your education. I thought this was so important, it deserved its own category!
Learn a new language: There are a TON of great language learning tools you can easily find, why not check them out and gain a new skill? Listen to an educational podcast: You can also listen to a great new podcast full of great information (here are all of my favorite podcasts). Read a non-fiction book: Or, you could spend your time reading or listening to a new non-fiction book. Here are my favorite non-fiction books! Watch photography how-to videos to up your photo-taking skills: Having great photography skills can be incredibly useful! Learn how to play an instrument: Or, you could take some time to truly learn a new instrument! Watch a documentary that is interesting to you: I know it sounds kinda dorky, but I absolutely love watching documentaries, especially when they are really well made! Discover what your dream career truly is: Perhaps you can spend this time doing a deep dive into yourself to find out what your true purpose in life is. Here is my ultimate guide to finding your dream career to get you started! Related: Discover Your Dream Career in 10 Simple Steps Learn how to paint, sketch, or watercolor: Get creative and practice some artistic skills, such as painting, sketching, or watercolor. You could also go the more simple route and fill out an awesome adult coloring book. Watch tutorial videos on self defense: Become more confident in this world by learning some self defense! Listen to or watch a TED Talk: Aren’t TED Talks just the best?! I absolutely love them, they are like attending a really great college lecture. Increase your vocabulary using workbooks: Want to sound more intelligent? Start going through some vocabulary workbooks. They really work! Read a new article, book, or case study in your career field: Finally, you can increase your knowledge in your field of interest by reading a new article, book, or case study. Related: 21 Life-Changing Books Every Adult Should be Reading Home-Related Activities
Next, let’s talk about some great home projects you can work on.
Decorate your home for the current season: I love creating a whole new look to my home each season. It is such a fun way to celebrate throughout the year and easily change up your home decor from time to time. Reorganize your kitchen pantry and fridge: In my home, the pantry and fridge are always needing a good freshen up. This makes for the perfect cleaning project. I LOVE these fridge and pantry organizing bins, they make my life so much easier! Clean a room you’ve neglected for a while: Or, perhaps you have a specific room or area in your home that needs a little TLC. Why not spend some time cleaning it? Redecorate a room: Does your living room or bedroom need a good freshening up? Why not design the room or your dreams during your free time. In need of some inspiration? Joanna Gaines has got your back in this incredible resource. Create a cozy reading nook with twinkle lights: A cute and cozy reading nook can be such a great place to escape to. You can even string up some cozy twinkle lights! These 105 incredible actives make the perfect list of things to do when you're bored at home. Click To Tweet Clean out your junk drawer: Set a timer for 10 minutes and clean out your junk drawer. It probably won’t even take that long… go go go! Refurbish a piece of furniture: Instead of tossing old furniture, why not make a fun craft project out of it by giving it a new coat of paint or hardware. Start a garden: Clear off a space on your porch and start your own little garden. Don’t have an outdoor space? Check out this awesome indoor garden! My family is currently obsessed with these things! Reorganize your closet and wardrobe: Head to your closet and dresser and start cleaning out clothes that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. Make space for a new wardrobe! Wash your bedding: Take a quick minute to switch out your bedding for some fresh sheets. Create a new home-maintenance plan: Pull out a notebook and jot down a home-maintenance plan. You could even go the extra mile and start it now! Wash and fold the laundry: Finally, pickup all of your dirty clothes around your home and wash, dry, fold, and put them all away. Fun At-Home Activities Build a fort: Grab some blankets and pillows, pull together some furniture, and build yourself a fort to hang out in for the day! Host a movie night: Make some popcorn and have a movie marathon. HERE are the latest movies to get inspired! Grab a movie bucket list and check them all off: Speaking of movies, one of the things I am currently doing this year is watching movies from this awesome ultimate movie bucket list! It has some amazing classics and every must-see movie you can think of. Check it out! Grab a free seasonal bucket list and start checking items off: Don’t forget to print your free seasonal bucket list and begin checking off some of those items too! Have a “Chopped” night: Set a timer and create the best meal out of featuring whatever you currently have in your fridge right now. Put together a puzzle: Puzzles are great challenges and help make your brain work! I’m currently in love with this puzzle, how cool is it?! Bake a TON of cookies and freeze them for later (or give them to friends!): Spend an evening baking some fun treats. Even better, double (or even triple!) the recipe to share with friends or freeze to enjoy later. Play with your pet: Hang out with your pet and play fetch, scratch behind their ears, and give them the most attention you possibly can. Don’t have a pet? Go adopt! Make a time capsule: Look around your home for some photos, music, pop-culture items, and anything else you can think of to put together for a time capsule. Don’t forget to write a nice letter to add to it! Don’t forget to grab your free seasonal bucket list for even more great ideas! Personal At-Home Activities
Now it is time to move onto some great, personal-related ideas….
Create a fun new playlist: Spend some time on your favorite music app (I use Amazon Music, its great!) Catch up on your favorite YouTube channels: I don’t know about you, but I love watching YouTube in my spare time. It is a great way to find some inspirational ideas. Get some online shopping done: Looking for some retail therapy? Pull on those PJs and enjoy window shopping from your computer. Binge watch a new TV show: Reward yourself with some well-deserved time in front of the TV. Paint your nails: Give yourself a relaxing mani/pedi. Try a new hair and/or makeup look: Spend some time trying out a fun new hair or makeup look. Who knows, it could be your new go-to look! Write a letter to yourself to open in a year: This is one of my favorite traditions. I love writing myself a letter to open in a year. It feels just like time traveling! Catchup with a friend or family member: Pickup the phone or write a nice long letter to a friend for family member. Writeup a personal wishlist: Wishlists make great ideas for personal rewards (to help you reach your goals). Crafting Activities
Finally, let’s discuss some fun DIY crafting activities you can do from home!
Build a wreath: No matter what season it is, you can make a beautiful looking wreath to spruce up your home. All you need is the perfect wreath kit! Make home-made candles: Pick up this brilliant book and learn how to create the perfect home-made candle. You’ll never have to buy another candle again! Make home-made soaps: Not into candles, try out soap making! Everyone is always in need of soap, why not make it yourself. You could also try making bath bombs too! Craft homemade gift to give to family members: Homemade items are truly one of the best gifts you can give. Create a photo collage: Pick out some of your favorite photos and put them together in a fun collage frame! I LOVE this super cute hanging photo frame, it would look good in any room. Make a bird feeder and put outside your window: Pull out that hammer and create your very own bird feeder. This is perfect to add just outside your window to enjoy the birds throughout the year. Try out knitting or crocheting: Grab some needles, yarn, and the perfect knitting pattern (this Harry Potter themed book is SO CUTE) to start your next project. Learn how to quilt: Not into knitting? Why not try quilting! Paint a beautiful picture: Finally, pull out some paints and create the perfect picture to add to your wall. Further Reading
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Wow, that was a lot. And I mean A LOT, a lot. One hundred and five is a large number, and a TON of at-home activities. So, I truly hope you were able to find some fantastic ideas to add to your at-home activity list. Have fun!
Don’t forget your free seasonal bucket list printable!
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