Episode #25: Decor Inspiration For Renters

This week’s episode is all about decor inspiration for renters! About half of the ABM audience rents, so if you’re a long-term renter, this one’s for you!!!

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Show notes:

We’re each giving three renter-friendly tips!

Elsie 1- Make your own art. Here’s the fiber art pictured above and there are so, so many more DIY art projects in our archives.

Emma 1- Consider removable wallpaper or paint (a lot of time you can get permission if you paint it back!). Here’s a post about our favorite removable wallpaper on Etsy. Other brands we love are Walls Need Love, Chasing Paper and Spoonflower.

Elsie 2- Invest in pieces you can take with you! I suggest a great sofa, coffee table and some rugs (8×10 and 2×3 size are most likely to translate).

Here’s the bed my parents got me that I’ll probably keep forever. You can see it above in two different rooms, but I moved it probably 10 different times over a 10-year period.

Other great purchases I made early on were a good quality dresser, coffee table and mirrors.

Emma 2- Lighting

-Swap light fixtures.

-Add twinkle lights.

Elsie 3- Thrift your heart out! (obviously we mean AFTER the virus outbreak is over—not right now).

Some spots I find great things—Facebook Marketplace, flea markets, Goodwill and shopping vintage on Etsy, eBay and EBTH.

There is SO much educational value in finding $10 furniture and painting it and making it over yourself. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Here’s a photo from 10 years ago (ish?) that shows my home decorated with all things I thrifted (and my outfit too).

Do you like to decorate with books?? (please say yes!) Used books are a great collection to work on.

McKay’s bookstore in Nashville (great for records too!).

Emma 3- Inexpensive rugs or curtains. These can really update a room!!!

–Area rugs for under $500.

Shoutout to @hotpinkpineapples Wow, wow, wow … this girl is so talented and the ultimate inspiration of what you can do as a renter!!

Reader question about transitioning to a different career as well as how to choose a career (we talk for 10 minutes on this, like we usually do when there’s a business-related question).

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