Favorite Products For Styling Very Short Hair

Truth to be told, my hair routine hasn’t changed too much since cutting my hair from a short bob to a pixie. There has been finessing in my routine, of course, but most of the products are the same: a heat tool, Maria Nila fibre cream, a smoothing heat protectant and a hair spray for special occasions. Today I’ll talk you through the little things that make all the difference in my hair styling routine. For reference my hair is thick (for a Scandi person), coarse and has little natural curl or whirl. I hope you enjoy this post during these difficult times, Haku the kitty sends you his best wishes!!

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My Best Heat Styling Tool: GHD Blow-Dryer
As long as I can remember, I’ve used a hair straightener for styling my somewhat unruly, curly bob. For years my choice was a Cloud9 mini straightener, which is now too gruesome looking to be photographed. I didn’t know the potential of blow dryers until I saw how effortlessly my hair dresser, Sumi Moreno, always styled my hair. Of course it’s about technique, but I’m sure that anyone can achieve a nice hair style using the proper tools!

I was kindly gifted a new blow dryer since my old one started to smoke.. yup, smoke. The old one had a rubbery outside texture that looked pretty dirty and gross as gathered hairs and fibre. GHD Air dryer has a matte texture, but it stays looking clean! I also love it how you can adjust the heat and blow volume to your preference, the blow dryer doesn’t make too much noise either. I use the matching GHD radial brush to lift from my hair roots, twist and comb down while holding the blow drier against the brush. It smoothens and straightens my hair while keeping it looking airy and natural VS flat and unruly. This way I can also control the whirl on the crown of my head, which makes my hair stick out like an anime character if I do nothing about it.

GHD Air Blow-Dryer €135.16 at Eleven(FI), Cocopanda(FI), KICKS(FI)
GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush €20.76 at Eleven(FI) (25mm), Cocopanda(FI) (35mm), KICKS(FI) (25mm)
Favorite Hair Styling Products for Pixie Cut
For maintaining my hair color I’ve listed pro tips and tricks, including a few product recommendations in this post! I think proper haircare is a must if you have a color-treated hair or a coarse, dry texture like I do. For a heat protectant I use Living Proof’s Smooth Blowout Concentrate from the Restore line. It’s supposed to cut down blow out time, which I can’t say for sure, but it does give my hair well-needed smoothness. Make sure not over-apply the product or your hair might start feeling a bit oily. I take about one pump and massage it to my lengths and ends before drying with my GHD Air.

Since my hair never gets “fluffy” from washing I don’t feel the need of adding texture with salt sprays and such. I like the Maria Nila Schist Fibre Cream as it keeps my hair from poking here and there, yet doesn’t weight it down. If I want to change my parting or do something about my bangs, this cream-gel is enough. I need only a tiny amount and the product looks almost invisible. In the images I have a new tube, I’ve almost gone through my old one. To finish up the look, I add one or two spritz of Budgie’s Finishing Spray. I apply the hair spray from a distance for a light hold, which is enough for me day-to-day. As long as windy weather doesn’t completely mess up my look, I’m okay with doing some touch-ups, if needed.

Budgie Finishing Spray €12.9 at KICKS(FI)
Maria Nila Schist Fibre Cream 50ml €15.95 at Eleven(FI)
Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate at €30.45 selected salons
Cocobella Hair Accessories at selected salons

I hope you enjoyed this quick post! My look right now is more airy, moving pixie, not that waxed down anime wig haha. I’ve noticed that a proper blow-dryer has a massive difference in day-to-day life, same with proper haircare products. It simplifies my daily routine, making it quicker and more effortless. I know that hair isn’t something you might want to fuss about in the current situation, but I’m positive that a good hair day can brighten up your mood - even while social distancing. Once more, Haku says meoooow (hi) to you!
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