Hi friends!  I’m so excited to share our trip to Playa Mujeres with you!  This trip was our Christmas gift to each other, and I was so happy that we actually made the trip happen.  I have to credit Brian with making sure we sat down and got it on...

Hi friends!  I’m so excited to share our trip to Playa Mujeres with you!  This trip was our Christmas gift to each other, and I was so happy that we actually made the trip happen.  I have to credit Brian with making sure we sat down and got it on the books!  I also learned that he is terrific to travel with. One more thing to love about him!

With the wild, exhausting year we’ve all had, it felt like such a treat to getaway on a romantic vacation.

We stayed at Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres and honestly, it couldn’t have been better! I would highly recommend this destination and resort if you’re looking for an all-inclusive, adults-only retreat in a beautiful, tropical location.

The flight is about two hours from Houston to Cancun, then a car drove us 35 minutes to the resort. At the time we went (early April), the weather was a warm low-80s degrees during the day, and a comfortable low-70s degrees at night.  We had some clouds and wind, but it never rained.

Swimsuit • Swimsuit Bottoms • Swim Trunks

I think you can tell from the look on my face how happy I was to be there!  As soon as we arrived, we settled into our room, slipped on our swimsuits and cracked a drink! Blissss!!!!!

We stayed in a a Jr. swim up suite and it was heavenly!  It felt secluded with the lush gardens around the room and when you walk out onto your patio, you can relax on the beds or step right into the pool.

Swimsuit • Swimsuit Bottoms

Swimsuit • Swimsuit Bottoms

Swim Trunks

Right about this time is when I warned Brian that I planned to take a lot of pics and I have to say, he was a trooper- never complaining once!  On about Day 3, I said for the thousandth time, “Can we take a picture?” and he responded, “YAY! I was hoping we’d take more pictures!”  Soooo funny!!!

Our room was gorgeous and no detail was overlooked.  The bed was comfortable and you can even request special types of pillows to sleep on! The toilet is separate from the shower and there’s a closet with dresser drawers, hanging space and a safe.

Since it’s all inclusive, there’s plenty of bottled water and the bar is always stocked!

Quench and Shine Mask • Shampoo • Billie Razor • Cleansing Balm • Travel Kit

I’m sure their bath products were fine, but I always prefer to bring my essentials!

Delsey Luggage

We flew Spirit, which I’ve heard isn’t the greatest because of all the fees, but it really was fine!

My suitcase was over the weight limit (45 pounds), so I had to pay $30 more for that!  But I will say that this is the best luggage I’ve traveled with. The wheels spin like a dream, so you glide through the airport with ease.


If you go to Excellence, definitely download their app because it puts everything at your fingertips.

All of the hotel information, restaurants/bars/menus, activities, entertainment, spa, fitness center and resources are easily accessible there.  We used the app multiple times a day and it made everything super convenient.


Not surprisingly, I realized I way overpacked.  While you’re at the resort, all you really need is your swimsuit, coverup and depending on how long you’re there, a couple casual outfits for lounging, breakfast or lunch.

At dinner, the restaurant dress code is “casual elegance” – men wear long dress pants, collared shirt or polo.  Women wear dressier outfits like dresses, capri pants, skirt/blouse.  It’s discouraged to wear tees, tanks, shorts and flip flops.

I actually ended up really liking this because it felt nice to get a little put together for evening after being a pool and beach bum all day.

The food is really good too!

The restaurants are categorized by cuisine, so there’s Mexican, Italian, Indian, a French Steakhouse, Sushi, etc.

Every place we ate was delicious (especially the Indian and French) and we did end up ordering two bottles of wine not on the all-inclusive list, but the house wines were good too.

Not to mention the Mexican Lollipops!  And all the delicious chocolate martinis at the martini bar!  I had too many of those;)

Cover Up • Earrings • Bangles

The Lobster House and The Grill are located right over the pool with a beach view!


We spent most of our days by the pool and a bit on the beach.  The resort wasn’t very full while we were there, so it kinda felt like we had the place to ourselves.  But, we did meet some wonderful couples and everyone was so friendly!  Shout out to Dave & Stacie and Big John and crew if you’re reading this! 

This is the main pool with the Lobster House and The Grill on top.  Below is the swim up bar where the Mexican Lollipops can get you in trouble!

Goodr Sunglasses • Earrings

Hat • Swim Top • Swim Bottoms

From the pool, you can walk straight onto the beach where they have chairs and hut tents with chairs set up.

Hat • CoverUp

CoverUp • Tote • Flip Flops

We met some super cute guys on their honeymoon (hi Sosa & Klye!) and I saw them taking a selfie, so I offered to take a picture for them.  They were appreciative, and Brian said, “She has alternative motives!”  Of course I asked them for a pic in return! Turns out, Sosa is a photographer! #jackpot!


All around the property are little spots to escape to.  They have hammocks and huts and a spot for playing pool, ping pong or foosball outdoors.



The day after we arrived, we went to the spa and got the hydratherapy treatment and 75 minute couples massage.

I’ve never had hydratherapy before, but it was pretty cool.  You start with a couples’ scrub shower, then go into a sauna, return to a cool shower, then a steam room.  You end with dip in the pool and a shoulder/scalp massage while laying in massage chairs in the water.

After the massage (which was heavenly) – I got Sweedish and Brian got deep tissue, you can head to a quiet relaxation room to chill.  Next time, we’ll bring champagne to that part!


We kind of got into a rhythm to our days.  Wake up around 7 am, Brian would walk to the little cafe to grab us coffee while I woke up slowly.  That cafe has really delicious gelato and gorgeous desserts and treats too.

CoverUp • Shorts • Flip Flops  *first mirror selfie;)

We ordered room service or ate at the buffet, then headed to the pool/beach for the afternoon. This darling VW is a food truck!














Sweatshirt • Shorts • Flip Flops

Most dinners were early- around 6 or 7, then we’d head back to the main square where they had live entertainment/dancing/a band at 9 – 11:30.

I learned that Brian is a great dancer on this trip!  One night they had a SILENT DISCO and it was one of our favorite parts of the trip.  The place is silent except for the music you hear on your headphones, which have three stations – dance music, salsa, and random 80s.

It’s so freakin’ funny to watch everyone dancing to different music, especially when you take the headphones off and can’t hear anything.  We laughed so hard when we were jamming out to rap and another group was doing the YMCA!

Bodysuit • Pants • Wedges • Bag

Cover Up/Maxi Dress • Bag

Bodysuit • Similar Skirt • Flip Flops
One day (after too many of those martinis) we did a tour where you go out on a catamaran, stop to snorkle, then across the ocean to Isla Mujeres.  I got so sick on that dang boat!  Also, the people that did stop to snorkle (a minority in our group) said the water was too rough and the visibility for seeing fish was poor, so I wouldn’t recommend that.

But, once we got to Isla, it was great!  We rented a golf cart for $40 for two hours and explored the island.  We went to the North Beach, ate chips and guacamole and then explored the coast.

The beaches there are incredible!

Swim Trunks

Crochet Cover Up Top

We stayed four nights and honestly, I could’ve done a few more!  I was so impressed by the friendly staff who went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect and enjoyable.  They all speak perfect English, so there’s no trouble communicating.  I know a little bit of Spanish, and they also engaged me in conversation I could understand.

Similar Tank • Leggings • Tote • Jacket

I missed my kiddos terribly, and am always thankful for Facetime while we’re apart.

Joy Bead Bracelets

The United States and Canada currently require a negative COVID test or positive test with proof of recovery within 3 months to return to the US/Candada.  Excellence has on-site COVID testing and it was done in a private room, with results the same day.

We also got COVID tests before we left to make sure we were negative before we traveled to Mexico.

You can read more details about their COVID protocols and safety procedures here.

I understand that many people want to travel, but want to make sure they are doing so safely.  That is us too!

I heard from lots of you that honeymooned or celebrated your anniversary there.  It’s a beautiful place for that!  One couple I met said they’ve come six times because they love it so much!

We’d definitely go back too!  Have you been?  What resorts have you enjoyed?  Please share in the comments!

Have a fantastic weekend friends!

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