How to Get A Smooth Finish When Painting {Giveaway}

Temperatures are above freezing (most days), the sun has been peeking out, and we have only been snowed on a couple of times the past couple of weeks, so you know what that means… It’s painting time! I have had this dresser in my basement for an embarrassingly long time. I brought it over from my sister’s house with the promise that I would paint it for her guest room. I finally got around to painting it and thought I would share my tips for how to get a smooth finish when painting. Plus, I have a giveaway so you can start all those projects that you have been procrastinating too!

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This multi-shaded orange beauty was dated and in need of a refresh.



Behold, the power of paint! My sister requested that I paint it the same color as her kitchen island. I think the dark gray was perfect.


How To Get a Smooth Finish When Painting
Proper preparation is a huge part of getting smooth results. This dresser had lots of dings and scratches that needed to be fixed before I could even think about cracking open the paint can.


Step 1: Putty & Sand
Putty any dings, dents, or scratches with a sandable wood putty. Overfill since most putties will shrink a little when drying. Allow it to full dry before sanding. Sand it down until it is flush with the wood surface.

Sand the entire piece. Paint will stick better to a non-shiny surface. Plus, this helps get rid of slight imperfections such as shallow scratches or water marks as well as any dirt or grime. Start out with a 120 grit and then go over it wit a 220. If you sand with a heavy grit sandpaper, it will leave little lines that will become obvious when paint is applied. There’s no need to use a sander. Hand sanding is fine. You are not trying to remove the previous finish. Make sure to sand the same direction as the wood grain.


Step 2:  Clean
Wipe off the dresser and make sure to get all the dust off. Paint sticks much better to a clean surface.

Step 3: Set Up Work Area
Even though the Super Finish Max has very little over spray, you will want to protect your driveway, garage, basement, etc from any paint. If you are working outside, this Spray Shelter also protects your project from getting leaves and such blown onto the wet paint. The set up is fast and easy. It is large enough to hold furniture with room to spare!


Step 4: Paint!
Choose a good quality paint, especially if the piece will get a lot of wear and tear.

Using a paint sprayer is going to be your best bet for a super smooth finish. No matter how talented you are, you can not get this quality of a finish by brushing on paint. If you want a factory finish (or what I like to call baby butt smooth), then you really do need to use a sprayer. I used my Super Finish Max.

It is much better to paint several thin coats of paint rather than one or two thick coats. If you apply it too heavily, you run the risk of the paint running and dripping. Apply the paint in long, even strokes going the same direction.



Once it has dried completely (I like to let mine cure a minimum of 24 hours) you can add the hardware back on. I updated this dresser by getting new hardware.



Can you see that baby butt finish? Aaaahhhh. Love it.



I had to photograph it in my house instead of my sister’s new guest room due to the Coronavirus and the Stay Home order. But I think it looks pretty cute here, don’t you think?


Now for the giveaway!
HomeRight is giving one lucky reader a large Spray Shelter! Now you can paint in your shelter while you “shelter in place”. Too soon? ;)

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