Let’s get ready to tumble with the best dryer sheet


Dryer sheets are added during the drying cycle to help clothes feel soft and to cut down on static cling. Infused with fabric softener, the best dryer sheets are especially effective for softening scratchy materials like towels and socks. While you can use both liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, it's okay to only use dryer sheets. Here is a list of the best.

Best overall

Bounce fabric softener and dryer sheets, 240 count

Staff Pick

Bounce makes the best dryer sheets. Period. Their sheets offer high-quality results and leave your clothes smelling good. The scent stays long enough; you can smell it days later as you grab clothes from the dresser or towels from the closet. Bounce eliminates static cling and keeps lint and hair from attaching to fabrics while in the dryer.

$8 from Amazon

Best-smelling sheets

Gain dryer sheets

Even the original smell of Gain is undeniably fresh and good smelling without being overpowering, but there are other smells available, too. Gain dryer sheets reduce wrinkles in your clothes and stop static cling. They also soften clothes, which is a plus for laundry made from scratchy material, including towels, socks, and dust rags.

$9 from Amazon

Best dryer balls

Handy Laundry reuseable wool dryer balls

Dryer balls are becoming a popular option because they work well to eliminate wrinkles, lint, and static, but they are also reusable, making them a good value. These wool dryer balls are scent-free and made from natural fibers. They are pretty big compared to other dryer balls, but that helps reduce drying time. This bundle comes with six dryer balls.

$8 from Amazon

Best for sensitive skin

All fabric softener dryer sheets

These dryer sheets from All don't leave a residue on clothing, which means they won't get on and irritate your skin, either. These hypoallergenic sheets don't use any dyes, perfumes, or harsh chemicals, but they still work well to reduce static cling and wrinkles in clothing. All dryer sheets are recommended by allergists and dermatologists.

$4 from Amazon

Best for odor elimination

Snuggle Plus super fresh dryer sheets

Snuggle Plus dryer sheets have odor-eater technology to rid your laundry of any unpleasant smells as they dry. Their soft scent leaves your clothes fresh but not overpowered with fragrance. Laundry just smells clean. Snuggle dryer sheets will eliminate static cling and help reduce wrinkles.

$4 from Amazon

Best all-natural sheets

Love Home and Planet lavender and argan oil dryer sheets

Love Home and Planet makes dryer sheets from all-natural ingredients, and rather than infuse them with harsh chemicals, each sheet has lavender and argan oil. This combination gives a soothing scent while also effectively eliminating static cling and reducing wrinkles as your laundry dries. This package includes 80 sheets.

$12 from Amazon

Avoid the zing and cling

Dryer sheets reduce static electricity that builds up on laundry tumbling in a dryer. They also keep articles from sticking to each other and helps soften tough fibers. The best dryer sheets, like Bounce fabric softener dryer sheets also remove lint and hair from clothes and helps them from becoming wrinkled as they dry.

You can get dryer sheets made from natural materials, which do tend to be easier on the environment. Love Home and Planet has sheets with lavender and argan oil, so your laundry will still come out smelling clean.

For the ultimate eco-friendly choice, forgo the dry sheets altogether and get wool dryer balls, like these from Handy Laundry. They work just as well as a dryer sheet, plus they can be reused many times before needing to be replaced.