Lots Of New - Settling In - MM 115

Hey howdy hey!
Mosaic Monday time and so much has happened. WOW!

I'm here, in the Mid-West. Settling into our new place, unpacked, organizing and finding space for everything. Even with downsizing and purging, there are still things that we have no room for. I have WAAAYYYY too many photos and kitchen stuff for this little abode. That's okay, I'm finding creative ways to store/stash/hide things. lol
With kitchen space being extremely limited we've  had to be creative. One way is this great dresser. It was just sitting in the storage waiting for the trash man. My husband sanded it down , painted it and now it is part of the kitchen/storage. Works great and all it cost was a little time as we had the paint already. Now that's a win in my book.

I drove up on Monday, five days early, with Wednesday looming I didn't want to get "stuck" in GA. The weather was fantastic, traffic wasn't bad and I made record time. Since I was driving alone and the law is handsfree, I only took a few photos. From the dash by the way. This helicopter is in KY.

Two weeks ago we added to our family tree with the birth of two little girls. A great niece and a grand daughter. This week we added to the family again. A new daughter in law.

After unpacking for 3 days I decided on the fourth day to head downtown and check out the area. Main Street was my prime target as I had seen several cute shops I wanted to investigate all located there. I wasn't disappointed. Also I wanted to see the tallest building in town. 18 stories but it will be demolished in Feb. due to the fact that code enforcement deemed it no longer fit for inhabitation. It was pretty easy to find. I was disappointed that access to the parking and pavilion were closed but I could still see the river, so I'll go another day.

Self (e) Alley...love all the murals downtown too.

The tallest building.

I love the balconies on this historic building, the second and third floors are apartments.

My friend Josie posted this picture of her friend's dog. I cracked up because I "feel" this so much.Dog tired!

I'm sure I've mentioned before that my cousin Rusty is a OTR driver. He finds/sees some of the most interesting things. Like this Camaro a few days ago. Wow just wow.

So that's all the excitement from my neck of the woods. I'll be popping over to check out all the participants for Mosaic Monday at Angie's blog. Hope to see y'all there too.Blessings
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