Maximize Space in Your Dorm Room with These Simple Tips

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Living in a dorm comes with plenty of challenges. You might have noisy neighbors, a difficult roommate, or annoying rules to follow. But one dorm room challenge is universal: not having enough space.

Limited space is challenging to deal with (and live in)—especially if you’re used to your own room or a large home. But there are lots of benefits to living in a small space. For one, you spend less time cleaning because, well, there’s not much to clean! And you won’t spend as much money on new stuff because you don’t have anywhere to put it. Over time, you might even find you enjoy living in a small space.

A few smart organizational choices can make a small room feel much larger. Here’s how to maximize the space in your dorm room or apartment, so it feels cute, cozy, and uncluttered.
Maximize Vertical Space
One of the main challenges of living in a dorm room is you can’t damage the room in any way. This usually includes no holes in the walls, so you can’t hang shelves. However, you can still maximize your vertical space in other ways.

Look for stacking shelves and drawers that extend as high as possible. You can also set storage containers on top of a dresser or the floor in the closet. Just make sure anything tall is also stable—you don’t want it to fall on top of you (or anyone else).
Create Under-the-Bed Storage and Bunk Up
The space under your bed is a great place to keep stuff. You can get bins and drawers specifically designed to fit under a bed. Make sure they’re easy to slide out so you can reach everything inside.

You can also adjust the height of many dorm beds. The higher you can raise yours, the more room you’ll have underneath it. You can also buy bed risers to give yourself more under-the-bed space.

Also, if you can bunk your beds, it’s a pretty great hack! It allows you to store the footprint of an entire bed under another and free up more floor space.
Consider a Room Divider
In addition to minimal space, if you have a roommate, you might find the lack of privacy is also a challenge. A room divider creates at least a semblance of privacy, and many of them have built-in storage. A bookshelf makes a nice room divider and can also hold some of your stuff.
Buy a Door Organizer

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