My Goals for 2021: Week 23 of 52

This post contains affiliate links.  Well, I didn’t get up earlier like I had planned.  I’ve not been sleeping well, in part because it’s getting really hot here and because our 15 year old cat is terminally ill and is keeping me awake at night with his congested breathing.  (He has an inoperable tumor in his nose.)  His situation is taking an emotional toll on me, but despite the emotions and the reduction in sleep, I had a productive week.

Here are my goals for 2021: Week 23 of 52:

My 2020 Weight Loss Results
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What I Accomplished This Week

Read all of The Four Winds this week.

Yes. I finished the book in just a few days.  While I overall really enjoyed it, there were a few critiques I had.  (Review coming in a few weeks!)

Follow along to Bible in a Year for 5 days.

Yes!!  Thanks to my son hooking me up with his MP3 player, I’ve been listening while I’m cooking or cleaning up the kitchen.  I listened to 6 episodes this week and can hopefully listen to more next week.

Every day walk one mile or bike two miles this week.

Yes.  I walked 7.30 miles.  I exercised every day.  I’m continuing my streak of 42 days straight!

Do yoga three times this week.

No.  I just did it one time this week.

Do 15 squats a day.

Yes.  Let me tell you, by Monday I was regretting making this goal because I could really feel the burn in my upper legs, but I did it every day.

Do two arm workouts this week.


Listen to one healthy living podcast this week.

Yes.  I listened to two.  One I didn’t really care for, so I’m not sharing it here, but the other one, How Walking Improves Our Brain and Mental Health, was good.

Write in my journal three times this week.


Continue my family cookbook by typing up five more recipes this week.

Yes.  I’m excited to get this project going.  I think it will save me quite a bit of time in the future.

Goals for This Week

We’re taking the week off school this upcoming week, and there’s A LOT I want to get done.  I realize these goals may be unrealistic, and I likely won’t accomplish them all.  Still, trying to accomplish all of them means I’ll get a lot more done than if I didn’t strive to do more than I can likely do.

  • Finish The Sound the Sun Makes this week.
  • Follow along to Bible in a Year for 7 episodes.  (Hope I can keep up with this jump.)
  • Walk 1.2 miles or bike two miles every day this week.
  • Do 15 squats six days this week.
  • Do two 10 minute arm workouts.
  • Listen to one healthy living podcast.
  • Write in my journal three times this week.
  • Continue my family cookbook by typing up three more recipes this week.
  • List all of our used homeschool curriculum for sale.
  • Declutter the kitchen island and counter.
  • Help the girls list their outgrown doll and Barbie items to sell.
  • Organize my dresser drawers and declutter them.
  • Declutter our master closet.

How are your goals going for 2021?

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