Scents 101: Ways to apply perfume and how to make it last longer

I recently received an Avon Imari Rouge Eau De Toilette via mail and as I was appreciating the scent, it struck me that it’s been months (or even over a year already?) since I last wore perfume. We’ve been on lockdown in Manila for a long time already and there’s no need to wear fragrances indoors, so maybe it’s about time to refresh our memory about how best to apply these scents.

But first, let’s manage expectations. There are actually different types of fragrances or scents out there and there’s a fine line between perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne even though it’s commonly known as just “perfume”. Perfumes tend to have more oil concentration, which makes it good for all-day wear. Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, has less fragrance concentration, which makes it effective around 1/4 of your day. Eau de Toilette, like the Avon Imari Rouge, has even lesser which will last around three or four hours based on experience but it’s good for daywear. Lastly, Eau de Cologne has the least fragrance concentration lasting around two hours, but it’s the most affordable of them all.


When I was young, I was taught two ways on how to apply perfume — misting it in the air and then walking into the perfume, and rubbing perfume on my wrists before dabbing it all over. I was already an adult when I learned that these methods weren’t really recommended because they’re just a waste of perfume! Here are quick tips to make sure that you’re making the most out of every spray:

(Image from Pixabay)
  1. Spritz your perfume on pulse points — wrists, inside elbows, neck, and behind the knees. Pulse points are warm so it helps diffuse the scent all over your body, says perfume aficionados from YouTube. It works for me, but it would also depend on the strength of your perfume.
  2. Spray perfume after applying unscented lotion. Using perfume on top of scented lotion will just give off weird scents that might give you a headache. Happened to me already! Also, oil-based moisturizers actually help lock in the scent longer.
  3. Spray on your clothes. Yup, it works! Our clothing can hold in scents for a long time, same as how our smell lingers on our bedsheets. Just make sure that your perfume won’t stain on your clothes (e.g. silk).


You’ve probably seen this reminder printed on a lot of things, but perfumes also require to be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably away from direct heat and sunlight as it may affect the quality of your perfume. I would suggest storing it inside your dresser, vanity box or drawer, or even in your closet.

I’m not a perfume expert, but I’m definitely a curious person who easily gets confused between Eau de Parfum, de Toilette, and all those labels, so I had to read up about ’em. So far, the Avon Imari Rouge isn’t giving me asthma attacks and it smells like someone whom you’ll spot in social gatherings all the time. It has an oriental floral woody scent that features apple oil, iris, and patchouli oil that gives off that sexy and confident vibe.

Hope you learned something new! Looking forward to the day when we can all go out and make the most out of these perfume bottles that we have! 😉

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