“There comes a time in every rightly-constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.”  — Mark Twain

A boy’s sense of adventure is innate and it’s often reflected in his environment. Whether your son finds his treasure on the baseball diamond, deep in the forest, or in the library, his bedroom should reflect his personality and preferences. Naturally, those will change as he grows. Therefore, it’s smart to balance his current favorites with classic furnishings that will last more than a few years.

Whether bold and bright or calmingly neutral, your boy’s bedroom should fit into your home’s overall decor style. Look through these favorite boys’ bedroom ideas with your son to help you decide how to create his perfect personal zone.

1. Teen Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

A teenage boy’s room should begin to reflect mature design elements. Get rid of childish decor that indicates a little boy lives there and replace it with neutrals he can take with him when he launches on his own. Actively involve your son in designing his own room, and be ready to expand your mind on the colors you’re willing to use: He’ll probably want dark or bold colors defining his personal space.

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Include plenty of shelves for his books, video games, and accessories. Most teenagers appreciate a full-length mirror for getting ready for school, and almost all teens love room-darkening drapes or shades when it comes to catching some extra sleep. Reclaimed neon or advertising signs work well for wall decor, while LED light strips or string lights are great for cool nighttime lighting.

2. Themed Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

A themed bedroom can go in any direction. Everything from basketball to dinosaurs, from outer space to a favorite video game character; anything is possible in a boy’s room. Transportation-related themes are a perennially popular boys’ room idea. Race cars, construction vehicles, trains, and airplanes can all form a great starting place for building your son’s room.

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A nautical theme is a classic for boy room design, with its crisp contrast between navy blue and white. Ships, fish, and maps are all elements of nautical decor that your son may embrace. Or, take your nautical theme off course and aim for a pirate theme instead.

3. Shared Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Merging two (or more) boys’ interests and passions into one workable room can be challenging. One boy’s bedroom idea might be a nautical theme, while the other wants to be surrounded by his favorite zoo animals. It helps to designate zones for each boy, if possible. A tall dresser or bookshelf can subtly establish a boundary between each kid’s area.

Color can be the connecting element when you need two different interests to merge into one cohesive space. Paint an accent wall one bright or bold color, and repeat that color in both boy’s bedroom accessories. Let each of your sons choose the artwork that hangs over their beds and provide each with their own dresser or storage shelves.

4. Boy’s Small Bedroom Ideas

A boy’s room doesn’t have to be big to be fabulous. In fact, a small bedroom can easily transform into a stylish hideaway any cool boy would adore. Light colors help a small room feel more spacious, so lean toward pale grey, soft yellow, or barely-there blue for the walls. Try to keep furniture and accessories at a minimum to avoid crowding the space.

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A young boy probably won’t have strong decor preferences, so add room-expanding touches that resonate with your style. A beadboard or shiplap accent wall adds subtle texture to a small boy’s room. Be sure to maximize storage by going vertical with floating shelves or wall-mounted cubes. Use them to store books or display favorite action figures or model cars.

5. Black and White Ideas for Boy’s Bedroom

A black and white color scheme is a great boys room idea, especially if your son is the no-nonsense type. If you decorated your home in a modern farmhouse style, a black and white kid’s room brings continuity throughout the house. You can pair almost any type or style of furniture with a variety of black and white textiles and accessories.

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Black and white go well with any color. So, if your boy likes red, yellow, or another bright color, you can add splashes and still keep a mostly monochromatic vibe.

6. Bunk Bed Ideas for Boys’ Bedrooms

Bunk beds expand the sleeping and living space in your children’s bedroom. You can still find the basic bunk beds like those of your childhood, but today’s bunks come in extraordinarily creative variations. You’ll find designs similar to houses or barns, or designs with slides for your kid to swoop down in the mornings. Built-in quad bunk beds provide four sleeping locations for family, friends, or overnight guests.

Loft beds also fall into the bunk bed category. These beds have built-in desks or open space below a top bunk which frees up space for play or other furniture in a small room. Make sure the upper bunk’s bed frame includes a safety rail to keep your cherub safe while he slumbers or plays. Look for bunk beds with integrated drawers or cabinets if extra storage is part of your boy’s bedroom ideas.

7. Boy’s Bedroom Color Ideas

Your boy’s room should include his favorite colors. Don’t be afraid to use bold or dark colors in your boys’ room, as they can be the design touch that pulls the room together. If you want to add a black wall, consider using chalkboard paint so that your boy can draw on the wall without reservation.

If you or your son wants a bright color, such as orange or neon green, but you can’t bear painting a full wall that shade, use it on the door. It will add a brilliant pop of color that can be used more sparingly in the bedding, rugs, or window treatments. Paint the closet door if you feel the room needs a balance of the color to make sense.

8. Boy’s Bedroom Decor Ideas

Don’t limit your boy’s room decor to firetrucks and the color blue. Although blue walls are an important part of many decor schemes, any color or pattern can work in a boy’s bedroom. decorating ideas can include a nod to his favorite sports team, or you could hire an artist to paint a mural of his favorite vacation spot.

Keep boy bedroom decorating ideas somewhere between playful and timeless. Pair whimsical accessories with classic furniture that can grow with your child. As he grows from a little boy into a big kid, updating his space will simply require a new coat of paint and replacing youthful decor with more mature pieces.

9. Boy’s Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas 

The light simplicity of Scandinavian decor can work well in a boys’ room. Use neutral colors in your son’s room and keep decorative accents simple. Light-colored flooring is a hallmark of Scandinavian decor. It looks clean, simple, and functional — all important traits of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

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Clean lines and no clutter are also indicators of Scandinavian style. It may not seem possible to achieve a clutter-free boy’s room, but it helps if you have a separate playroom for toy storage. A simple metal bed provides the room’s focal point. Keep window treatments and bedding clean and simple to stay true to that Scandinavian feel.

10. Neutral Ideas for Boy’s Bedroom

Designing a kid’s room around a neutral color palette is nearly always a good idea. When the basic components of room design are neutral, it’s easy to add or remove decor as the years and seasons change. From a little boy to a college kid, neutrals always work.

Neutral boy’s room decor doesn’t have to be boring. Grey is a fantastic base color to build on for modern themed bedroom ideas. Earthy neutrals, such as brown and beige, work better for rustic or outdoorsy bedroom decor ideas.

11. Rustic Ideas for Boy’s Bedroom

Rustic decor is a bedroom theme that is popular in many a boy’s rooms. Camping themed decor brings the great outdoors inside, recreated with a tent-like canopy positioned over the bed. Use faux taxidermy heads and antique maps as wall decor, then mix and match various tribal prints on the bedding.

You can create a cool bedroom for a teen boy by merging rustic decor with an industrial vibe. Cover an accent wall with a brick veneer for an urban loft feel. Incorporate salvaged metal and wood elements into your boys’ room, perhaps shelves made from thick wood planks and iron pipe.

12. Boy’s Bedroom Wall Ideas

Nowadays, there is a wall sticker for every theme and decor idea. In a boy’s room, wall decals depicting constellations, cartoon characters, maps, or sports teams are popular. An accent wall is almost a must in a boy’s room, whether it is a different solid color, a pattern, or a mural.

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Textured walls are a more subtle way of adding interest to your son’s bedroom. Think shiplap, stone or brick veneer, or a wall or two covered in rustic wood paneling. Nail thin wooden strips in a chevron or stripe pattern for an easy coffered-type effect.

Learn how to build a climbing wall for your active son by watching this video: 

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