Tips for incorporating classic pieces on a Thanksgiving table that save storage space, time, money, and create versatility for every season of decorating.  

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One day, there will have to be some sort of special therapy for kids who grew up with blogger parents.

Because ours never really know what holiday it is around here since I usually post decorating ideas for different seasons a month ahead of when most normal people decorate.

So behold: Our Thanksgiving table… 2 weeks before Halloween.

Luckily, it’ll be really easy to recreate when the actual day rolls around.

I thought I’d share a few of my “capsule” favorites that work for any time of year. Because that’s the beauty of always sticking with classics that never go out of style, right?

If you haven’t heard the word “capsule” buzzing around lately, it’s essentially a minimalist way of curating your decor collection with timeless items, augmented with a few seasonal pieces, to create flexibility that saves storage space, time, and money.

Ever since I started a “decor capsule” in our home, I have been so excited about all of the endless combinations of looks I can create for any season usually just by shopping what we already have.

I’m totally hooked on the whole concept because with the chaos of two little ones always running around, simple is what I’ve been craving lately. So I’ve teamed up with Walmart again to share a few of my timeless favorites that can last for many years ahead to stretch your dollar.

8 Capsule Staples for an Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape: 1. A Textured Table Runner
Ever since I started sticking to neutral, non-season-specific linens, I have loved all of the different looks I can create on a table any time of year. One that is made from a textured fabric with fringe or chunky stitching adds a cozy vibe.

2. A Neutral Stoneware Vase
We have a ginkgo tree in our front yard that turns bright yellow every year, so I love that I can fill a neutral vase with a few stems clipped from the tree to allow them to shine all on their own. The use of stoneware makes it feel even more earthy.

3. A Large Wooden Bowl
I toss salad in a large wooden bowl for functional serving purposes, but it’s also fun to repurpose with seasonal fillers. Fill it with apples to keep on your kitchen counter for fall. Place ornaments and evergreen branches in it at Christmas on your coffee table. And replace the ornaments with pinecones on into January/February. It adds warmth to any space.

4. Black Candle Holders
You can never go wrong with a set of matte black candle holders. They work for any kind of style, whether modern or traditional, and nothing sets the mood better than candles.
5. A Marble Serving Platter
Use it as a bread board on the table for friends to tear and share, arrange it as a small charcuterie board for a pre-dinner appetizer, or display pumpkin pie on the dessert table. But aside from food, you can repurpose it beside your kitchen sink to corral soaps and scrub brushes, place it on your bathroom counter to keep toiletries looking pretty, or use it on your bedroom dresser as a trinket/jewelry dish.

6. Neutral Ceramic Dinnerware
We’ve had these speckled gray dishes for several months now and absolutely love them as our casual everyday plates that can still be dressed up. Stick to neutrals with your dinnerware and you’ll have a million possibilities to play with seasonal place settings, like these mini white pumpkins.
7. Simple Black Striped Napkins
You can never go wrong with natural linen fabrics and a touch of black, am I right?

8. Gold Flatware
Gold adds so much warmth to a table and makes a meal feel special. We pull out this set for all of our holidays, but our family loves using them for every meal just because they add a touch of fun.

You can find all of the sources on our tabletop here:

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Gotta love a good classic… or 8.

Now that we’ve updated the chandelier and rug, I’m ready for Thanksgiving to be here tomorrow! But I guess Halloween comes first or the kiddos will really have their worlds turned upside-down.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? Do you have any of your own capsule staples that you always use on the table?

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